After almost 14 years with La Paz County Health Department, I am saying goodbye to my wonderful co-workers, colleges and friends and hello to new experiences at Maricopa County Public Health. I’m a huge jumbled mix of emotions: sad, elated, anxious, excited, wondrous. Yeah, I know that’s not the proper use of wondrous but I like saying it.

You know what is another awesome word? Petrichor. Doctor Who fans know what I’m talking about. The rest of you, look it up. It’s a wondrous word.

I will still be working in the realm of public health emergency planning and response, planning for public health emergencies, assisting with training and exercises. OH, that reminds me of a funny meme by emergency management consultant Todd Jasper:

get me that form


The kids are excited to enroll in new schools. Darby’s school actually has dance classes! No more paying for dance lessons. Well, I will probably still do that but, how cool! She is thrilled!

Carsten’s school will have more opportunities for assistance with ADHD and is only a few blocks from the house. Double cool!

My fiance, Greg, is excited as well. After years of prepping, we finally get to make this happen.

Finally, words cannot express how blessed I am to remain in my lifelong career of public health emergency preparedness.

There will probably be more later but right now, I have to find boxes and start packing.