My son's greatest moment in 2011.








Happy Holiday everyone! Or Merry Christmas if you prefer but since I’m boycotting the belief that there is a war on Christmas, I’m gonna say Happy Holidays. So I’ve gotten several of your Christmas/Holiday newsletters by email and it made me realize, I haven’t done my Holiday/Christmas newsletter by email. In fact, I’ve never done one.

That’s about to change. RIGHT NOW!.

Because I know everyone one of you want to hear about me and my family. We are that awesome.

So 2011 was a year of love and anxiety. After all, it is the year before 2012 so we spent the entire year knowing the world was going to end and I’m really upset about that. I haven’t gotten to my 3rdmarriage yet and I was really looking forward to that one. It also brought me a year full of wondrous inspiring love. The kind of love that makes grown women believe in fairy tales again. Love that inspires you to write poetry and read all your romance novels in a new light. Love that drives sadness and loneliness away with a great laugh. Love that brings hope and dreams. That’s right. I finally got a unicorn.

My Unicorn










NO I DIDN’T YOU GUYS! You fall for the funniest things.

Hipster D










My daughter turned 12 this year but didn’t do anything amazing like all of the children in the other letters I read. She’s got a pretty sarcastic humor and dresses like some hippie pixie that crawled out of the forest and just discovered facebook. She’s been playing the flute for 3 years but is still in beginning band. Meh. Recently she took up cheerleading and looks sort of cute because all the other kids are a foot taller than she is. But you know what? They are all gonna cry when they see how adorably petite and beautiful she turns out to be. Her grades are extremely average and I suspect she walks around singing Party Rock Anthem in her head. I can’t get her to go to bed at a decent hour because she is constantly reading or crafting and I recently walked in on her writing poetry. Hopeless, I know.

Gangsta C








My son is 6 and in Kindergarten. I’m not really sure if he is going to make it out of Kindergarten.  We did an experiment and let his hair grow really long and curly in the beginning of the school year. Then during the second semester we cut it to look like a regular boy cut. I noticed that he went from not getting into trouble to suddenly having all of his recesses taken away. Coincidence? I haven’t discovered any real hidden talents in him and I’m really hoping I do. Sometimes kids with ADHD like my son have these amazing abilities but so far the only ability he has is to make a mess. Also I suspect that he is a vegetarian. He isn’t too big on eating meat but loves to eat asparagus and other strange vegetables. Maybe his hidden talent is gardening? Sweet! Personally, I hope his hidden talent is cooking because I really want a personal chef.

I haven’t traveled to any place awesome but I have thought about it. Aaaaaand, I looked at pictures of far away places on the internet. This only makes me realize that I need to have a real vacation. So, that brings me to 2012. Instead of New Year Resolution I’m going to create my Apocalyptic To Do List. But I will save that for another post because I really need to think about it. No way I want to put up something totally stupid and unattainable like losing weight or something.

So, what will be on your Apocalyptic To Do list?