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I’ve been thinking about inspiration lately. Where does it come from, who has it and how is it passed on? Does inspiration infect others like an outbreak of influenza or does it happen randomly, in spurts. Recently I’ve watched some inspirational individuals do things that are…inspiring! They’ve inspired me to create this blog, to organize others, to offer my services, to continue the inspiration. Sort of like the pay it forward movement. Inspire others movement? Yes, I think inspiration can be infectious.


So what is the formula for inspiration? I’m just rambling here since I don’t really know but I look for:

Ideas: something grand and attention getting.  Services: an expert offering their knowledge.  Selflessness: giving of time or money to help someone else.

Overall I’m inspired by positive, exciting people. People who have an idea and go for it. People who don’t say, “we can’t. I can’t. Why even try.” People who jump up and join and are excited to try something new.

There are some people who inspire me right here in Parker: Hemet Productions, Mary @ParkerAZ with Parker Chamber of Commerce, Josh Savino @bikerbachelor (Hemet and Biker Bachelor), Jeremy Davalos (young pilot).

There are people who inspire me from Arizona: @PIOGreg with his words, @hiBrie with her eat local campaign, @thefabulousone who donated a kidney, @caseargamez for using his profession to help others, the folks who organize and promote #buzzcation and the organizers of @gangplank

There are people who inspire me from all over: @monicavs for her love of the pre-raphaelites, my Uncle John who is my age but a plastic surgeon, @sweetsoaps for her crazy soap ideas, and the hundreds of people in the #agchat and #smem hashtags

But who am I inspiring? And who are you inspiring?

Do you have ideas? Let’s make the reality. Are you a professional? Do pro bono work.  Are you excited about something? Share with others, share with me, share with Parker but please… Share.