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Yo Yo Yo! I’m pushing limits here. Yeah, it is not as cool as I just made it sound. What? I didn’t make it sound cool? Yeah, I know. Most of my coolness is found on other sites and copied on my twitter feed and facebook page and now here. But whatever, I’m still cool. A dork… a cool dork.

I’m nearing that fine line we call limits. When you think about it all the time and you start to feel a little (lot) stressed out and you are not sure if you are going to follow through. Oh please! I wish I was talking about a new sexual position or something but I’m talking about projects. Too. Many. Projects.

Work projects, family projects, social projects, town projects, personal projects. But yet I am feeling more alive than I have ever felt. Watch out rural Arizona, I’m feeling feisty and I’m out to change your world. Pshaw, I don’t care if you don’t want your world changed because I’m one fire. What? You want your world rocked? Well, that would be pushing my limits but…. OK!