I’m sitting here with half a dozen thoughts in my head at once. No, I am not ADD, just excited. Most of my thoughts revolve around projects that I want to accomplish. Accomplish? Hell I just want to start them. Perhaps a blog will keep in on track and motivated. OH COFFEE! Coffee will keep me motivated!

1. Start a blog (Done)

2. Start a website or turn my blogsite into a proper website

3. Write social media policy for work

4. Learn how to use photoshop (gah, I admit that I have no clue)

5. Learn flash. Not how to flash (although…)

6. Create tweet-ups/meet-ups for the Parker area

7. Make soap (wait this is more than half a dozen)

Well technically with the posting of this…uh…post, I will have the first down which would leave only 6 more to go. Now, who wants coffee?